0.0.8 released.

Patch note version 0.0.8

A restart is required. Older saves will be broken.

I’ve laid some groundwork for ground combat in this patch. In order to
get a taste of it, you need to reach Pluto settlement after becoming a

  1. Before calling it 0.1, I wanted to ensure that I could implement ground combat because ground combat would literally double amount of game content I could implement as well as adding depth to the game. So far, I’ve made a crude SV_actor image of Kain. It’s in very early stage but I think it is possible. Ground combat also adds a nice star treky feature where you could summon ship crews from Kain’s ship to fight on ground which hasn’t been implemented yet.
  2. Saturn is now accessible. I’ve considered numerous ways of how I’d do it. Parallax mapping came to my mind but the scale of the city was simply too large to be visible. In the end, I chose map + destination. Do note that the Saturn city render is not final. I need some finishing touches on it.
  3. I’ve implemented Yanfly’s learnskill plugin. It’s only active once Kain becomes a captain. Skills are grouped into two categories: Space Op, Ground Op.
  4. Pluto can now be visited though it’s very early stage and nothing is really there.
  5. Second mission has been added although it can only be finished far later.
  6. Random rocks in space (asteroids) are being added. I am going to need to add Kuiper belt soon because this game does go beyond Solar system.

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